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  • Works with all vehicles. 
  • Multi-Functions: Tailgate LED Strip Light has a streamer design that can be used as a Tail light, Running and Driving Light, Turn Signal Light, Brake light, Parking light, Hazard flashers, Reverse light and more modes.
  • Work style: Double color time entertaining diversions/brake light switch/turn signal/tail lamp box, Road show ice blue, brake shows red, turned to the water slide.
  • Premium Quality: Featuring epoxy process design for long-term use, the offered LEd Strip Light is designed to prevent moisture, weather impacts and washes. With fuse overload protection and IP65 waterproof.
  • Perfect Bright: Designed using 3528 super bright LEDs to offer high-intensity lightening solution for your braking, indication, parking and other needs. Perfect to install on any make or model of car.
  • Easy Install: It features high-quality 3M automotive adhesive that mounts easily over the back side of the cars. Just plug-in the lights into your light plug to let it work.
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